YEAR 2023-2024

Resolution. Call for the State Pact Against Gender Violence
2023-2024 Resolución Convocatoria Pacto
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2023-2024 Plan for Equality between Women and Men
2023-2024 Plan de Igualdad de mujeres y
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May 18th 2024

Last Wednesady, 3º ESO and SENs students had a 

"Household Chores Workshop".

One dad and some mums from Parents' Association were with them showing how to do some household chores: make the bed🛏, do the laundry👕, sew a button , change nappies 👶, cook an omelette 🍳, lay the bed 🍽 ... A lot of tasks to help at home!  

(Omelettes were YUMMY, but in case some students have a baby at home, they'll need more practice 😂 ). 

Thanks to Parents' Association for their collaboration and Eva and Mari Paz for the organisationAnd thanks to Esperanza for her help.

March 22nd 2024

Our 1º ESO students went yesterday to Teatro Villamarta for the show "Va por ellas", performed by Las Mónicas.

And they learnt a little bit more about equality and the role of women -this time artists in history- in a ludic and funny way.

March 11th 2024

To celebrate March 8th we have had an entertaining and interesting conference-exhibition by teacher Noelia F., using famous 🎵 Broadway musical "SIX",🎵 which tells the life (or death 🙄 ?) of  Henry VIII's six (yeah, 6!!) wives.

In case you missed it, here it is:

February 19th 2024

Last February 11th we celebrated the 

International Day of Women and Girls in Science

On 22nd December 2015, the General Assembly of UN passed a resolution that justified the proclamation of this International Day and praised the initiatives carried out by different organisation to support women scientists and promote the access of women and girls to education, capacitation and research in science, technology, engineering and maths. 

In our school, our scientists have played the role of famous women in science and have performed their biography for 2º ESO students. 

Versión corta

Versión larga

November 27th 2023

November 25th is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. 

In 2022, there were 32.644 women suffering from violence in Spain, according to the Statistics National Institute, which states that violence rates increased 8,3% in just one year. And it's still rising: in the second term of 2023 figures went up to 5,66% with regards to the same period last year, according to a recent report by the Judiciary Observatory.

We read a manifesto and observed a minute's silence. We also gave out badges with this year logo (whose author got her prize) and some students took pictures in our photocall.

Thanks to all collaborators, especially the ones who made 850 badges

November 7th 2023

We have the winner logo for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women!



YEAR 2022-2023

We start a ney academic year with more excitement and new ideas to share with Savater people. We know that many of you participate in every activity and we would like, if possible, to meet the requests you made last year.

We start working along with Plans School: a Place for Peace y Healthy Youth to to cover as many aspects as possible.

Gender Equality Plan. Year 2022/2023
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March 9th 2023

March 8th

International Women's Day.

This date, established by the United Nations General Assembly to celebrate the worldwide fight for feminine equality, commemorates the date in which workers in the textile factory in New York protested for the first time in 1857, with the motto "Bread and Roses", to demand equal salaries with their masculine workmates.

However, the tragedy in Triangle Shirtwaist factory on March 25th in 1911, in which 123 awomen and 23 men sadly died, is also linked to this date, as the factory was specialized in making purple colour blouses, the colour that filled up the New York sky the day of the fire.  

To celebrate this day, we've decorated the main hall with posters and pictures, as a tribute to those women who fought (and still fight) for gender equality in every field.

We thank Isabel Mª, Raquel, Cristina, María, Esperanza, for telling us about their experience as women in different generations. And we especially thank Mercedes, who has been able to witness the positive changes for women in a life of 95 years. 

(Thanks to Toñi P. for the video edition) 

February 20th 2023

The exhibition "Letras de Mujeres"  was to be seen at the main hall.

(together with some activities releated to them)

4ºC Ethic Values students made these beautiful 🌹to celebrate Saint Valentine.

"A Tribute to Ours"

To celebrate February 11th: "Girls and Women in Science", last February 8th  we had Mª del Carmen Ortega, from the Local Equality and Diversity Service, who showed us different women from Jerez who made history but were barely named.

Besides, we could check how women's jobs in the new Agenda 22/23 (21st century) are linked to science, while the former Agenda 21/22 (20th century) were linked to Andalusian folklore. 

Last January 19th we had the conference Men for Equality, by Daniel Leal, from the Local Equality Service. Students in 3ºE made the most of it. 

November 25th 2022

November 19th

International Men's Day

International Men's Day has been celebrated on November 19th since 1992, with the aim of focusing on men's health, highlighting the contributions of men to society and promoting gender equality, tolerance and peace. Some organisations, such as World Health Organization, support this initiative, so that it is included in the international agenda.

For this reason, in 2003 the Movember Foundation launched the Movember movement (named after moustache and November), which consists of growing a moustache or using it as a brand image to raise awareness about testicles or prostate cancer, as well as to ensure the mental health of men since they present the highest suicide rates.

International Men's Day also seeks to promote six main objectives that were established in 2009 and that are linked to the Universal Children's Day, held on November 20th.

These objectives are: to promote positive and more normalized male role models, to recognize the contribution of men to society, to focus on male health, to show certain discriminations against men in some areas, to promote equality between men and women, and to create a safer world where full potential can be achieved.

(Translated by Antonio S.M. 4ºA and Fran R.P. 4ºB)