March 30th - May 12th 

In case you asked for any complementary documents to apply for the grant, you MUST send it by certified mail to:

Delegación Territorial de Educación y Deporte

Negociado de Becas

C/ Isabel la Católica, 8

11.004.- Cádiz

You should take an open envelope to the Post Office with a copy of ALL DOCUMENTS you are sending (you must also attach the application form in which documents were asked). You will get all your documents sealed at the Post Office, both the ones you are sending and the ones you keep.

Together with the certified mail, they will certify there that you have also included all required documents.

Grants Service email address (Cádiz):

Only for enquiries, NOT FOR SENDING DOCUMENTS.

These links will give you all the information about deadline and requisites👇

Instruction 10th March. Grants 2022-2023
Grants for Post-Compulsory Secondary School Students
Extracto de la Resolución de 10 de marzo
Documento Adobe Acrobat 154.4 KB
Beca MEFP. Convocatoria General 2022-2023
Beca MEFP. Convocatoria General 2022-202
Documento Adobe Acrobat 575.4 KB
Royal Decree 154/2022, 22nd February. Amount of Grants and Families Economic Situation
Real Decreto 154-2022, de 22 de febrero,
Documento Adobe Acrobat 336.4 KB

YEAR 2021-2022

Grants Office (Cádiz):

December 22nd 2021

6,000 GRANT

Call for Grant published on 22nd December, aimed at Bachillerato and Vocational Training Students.

Deadline: December 23th to January 24th 2022

Important: Registration of the current account through Virtual Secretary is not needed for this Grant.

Click to check the status of your MEFP Grant:

October 26th 2021

Available the possibility to Register the current account in the

Social Security Treasury form Virtual Secretary:

(Access with Grant code)

September 17th 2021

To get paid by the Social Security Treasury it's a requisite that the beneficiary has previously registered the current account in the Social Security Treasury.

Registration must only be done once for each account. For future grants applications, if the number of current account is the same, no further paperwork is required.

Registration Procedure:


Click on the next link to Consejería de Hacienda y Financiación Europea:

you only need to fill in the current account number.


By filling in the PDF Form attached together with a bank document proving the current account holder in any format aimed at Tesorería de la Junta de Andalucía.

Delegación del Gobierno de la Junta de Andalucía

C/ Fernando El Católico, 3

11071.- Cádiz

Current Account Form
Formulario de mantenimiento de cuentas a
Documento Adobe Acrobat 855.5 KB

September 15th 2021

We attach Instructions about current account associated to Grants (it's obligatory to register such account in the Social Security Treasury)

We do not have any further information at school,

so please refrain from asking at Secretary Rooms.

Instructions to register current account in the Social Security Treasury
Becas 2021-2022. Circular de alta de cue
Documento Adobe Acrobat 68.0 KB

August 9th 2021

MEFP Grant for Year 2021-2022 General Call

MEFP Grant. Year 2021-2022
Beca MEFP. Convocatoria General. Curso 2
Documento Adobe Acrobat 569.6 KB