YEAR 2020/2021

November 11th 2020


October 28th 2020

III Literary Contest

of Love Poems and Letters.

(Deadline 5th November. Click for more information)

October 22nd 2020

Next week there will be NO ACCESS to school through Gate 1 (the one on Nazaret Av.), as the pavement will be repaired.

Access will be allowed through gates on Parque Torcal de Antequera St:

Gate 2 (the usual one) and Gate 3 (in front of the portable classrooms) 

October 19th de 2020


Resitting Exams. (Year 20-21)
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October 14th 2020

Parents-Tutor Initial Meeting
Circular Reunión Inicial Tutores.pdf
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This Protocol to fight and prevent Covid-19 contains the new organisation rules so that, with the help of all memebers of our school community, all teaching and learning processes are developed safely during this academic year 2020/2021.

It has been elaborated following the authorised model we received, the established legislation and the specific instructions given by Education and Health Services, and it has been adapted to the particular reality of this school.  

This document includes recommendations and guidelines referring to the hygiene measures to fight COVID-19 in school activities and facilities. In addition, it will be subject to any update and upgrade whenever the epidemiologic situation requires so.

Covid-19 Protocol. IES Fernando Savater
Protocolo de Actuación COVID 19. IES Fer
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September 17th 2020


1º and 3º ESO can be downloaded

at the Pick-up Point, using iANDE User and Password

September 17th 2020



We inform families that our school, within its autonomy, has adopted a flexible curricular organization for students in 3º and 4º ESO and Bachillerato from September 21st onwards. Such levels will attend school on alternate days: one half physically and the other half working at home. 

Attached you will find the different lists according to each group.  

From September 21st, full attendance will be required for students in 1º ESO, 2º ESO and 3º PMAR (only core subjects). 

You must remember that the timetable for students

in 1º and 2º ESO is from 8.05 am to 14.35 pm.

Other students will come from 8.15 am to 14.45 pm.

Schedule for students in 3º and 4º ESO from 21st September.
3º y 4º ESO. Lunes 21 de Septiembre.pdf
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Schedule for students in Bachillerato from 21st September.
1º y 2º Bachillerato. Lunes 21 de Septi
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Likewise, we remind you that attendance is forbidden for students with symptoms compatible with COVID-19, those diagnosed with COVID-19, or quarantined ones.  In any case, families will take their temperature before leaving home. In case the student has a fever or shows any symptom compatible with COVID-19, he/she must NOT attend school until his/her medical assessment, so families should call Health Services Centre and School to report the issue.

(Basic Rules included in the COVID-19 Plan can be checked below)

September 16th 2020

In order to apply for a any change of group or subject, you must fill in the form attached and leave it in the box you will find at the Janitors' Office, until Tuesday 22nd September.

The reasons to apply for the change must be exposed in a clear and brief way. Due to the present time exceptional situation, no change will be accepted unless it is an admission mistake on our behalf.

We thank our students and their families for their cooperation.

Application form for a change of group and/or subject.
Expose reasons in a clear and brief way. Changes are not admitted unless errors on our behalf.
Impreso solicitud cambio de clase o asig
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September 14th 2020


Information for Parents. 14th September
Circular a padres. 14 de Septiembre.pdf
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September 13th 2020

Losing our workmates has been an unexpected and painful mishap. Maybe, as in these times of general uncertainty we have forgotten that other diseases are out there, taking the souls of our relatives, friends, mates...

However, they will always be in our memory and hearts.

September 11th 2020





Because of the Personal Data Protection Law, Class Lists cannot be published on this website nor on the school hall 

All students have received an email from their tutors to tell them their class and level, as well as a link for an online meeting for parents that will take place next Monday 14th of September in the evening. 

All students must bring their masks and keep the safety distance

while they are waiting for access.

The initial meeting will last about 60 or 90 minutes. Please be punctual.

Door 1 is on Nazaret Avenue.

Door 2 is on Parque Torcal de Antequera Street

Tuesday 15th of September. 3º & 4º ESO
3º y 4º ESO. Martes 15 de Septiembre.pdf
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Wednesday 16th of September. 1º & 2º ESO
1º y 2º ESO. Miércoles 16 de Septiembre.
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Thursday 17th of September. 1º & 2º Bachillerato
1º y 2º Bachillerato. Jueves 17 de Septi
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September 10th 2020


Notice about the beginning of the School Year
Circular a padres. 10 de septiembre.pdf
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As a preventive measure, any procedures, queries or appointment requests will be attended at:

856811951   -or-




September 5th 2020

Dear families.

I inform you that yesterday evening we were notified that one of our teachers tested positive for Covid-19.

This teacher, who will not work with us next year 20/21, was just for a couple of days at school this week.

Immediately after being notified about the positive test, we activated the Covid Protocol designed by the Health and Education Ministries:

The Headmaster alerted the Educational Inspection Services; the school Covid Coordinator contacted the Health Services (in Montealegre Health Centre) and the Parents Associations was also notified.

In the same way, all facilities in our school contacted by that teacher were disinfected the very same day.  

Health Services, after talking to the infected teacher and assessing the situation, concluded that nobody had a close contact with her (being more than an hour with such person, without a mask and less than 2m away from her).

All staff at IES Fernando Savater will be tested on Covid at the beginning of next week.

School is still open, but as a preventive measure any paperwork or procedure will be done telematically. Nobody will access school without an appointment

I would also like to say that, of course, we will keep you informed about any issues related to the Covid virus at our school, both through this website and via students' and families' email.

Yours sincerely,


September 2nd 2020

All information related to the beginning of the school year, class lists, etc. will be sent to students via email and will be published on this website. 

August 15th 2020

Application Deadline:

From 9th August to 1st October