YEAR 2021/2022



May 4th 2022

A video by students participating in the "EUCHI" Erasmus+ Project

February 8th 2022

This is OUR WINNER, and will take part in the

Contest of Posters to promote the

10th "Fair of Science in the Street".

You can see our other candidate posters here.

January 31st 2022

Yesterday, we celebrated the Day of Peace and Against Violence. Thanks to the Programme School: A place for Peace, we carried out some activities that you can see here.

January 20th 2022

No, we have no penguins at Savater yet...

But we DO ADOPT them!

Want to know how? Click here and you'll find all necessary information.

In ALDEA you'll learn more about their natural habitat: Antarctica.

Special thanks to Toñi P. and our penguins for the video.

November 16th 2021

November 14th 2021

You dare to play chess?

October 31st 2021

October 22nd 2021

October 22nd 2021

Take part in the contests organised

by the English Department

...if you dare!!!

September 28th 2021