YEAR 2019/2020

November 30th 2019


20th December

As tradition dictates in our school, every year we hold the "Polvorón Race"  just before Christmas holidays. 

To take part this year, it is necessary to contribute with a 1 + 1 (1€ + 1 Kg of food).

As you know, it is a race for solidarity since everything collected will be donated to charities. Even if you want to contribute but not run, no problem for that:


COME ON AND JOIN!! (If you you want to see more, click on the image)

Where to register:

Physical Education Department.


Registration Deadline:

December 16th for students.

December 16th for parents, for alumni and for other school members.

November 26th 2019


Open Call to take part in...


SHARE CULTURES"-Share Heritage and European Cultures.”



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November 26th 2019

+ Information about TRINITY

Exam dates, prices and more interesting things....

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November 26th 2019



Against Gender Violence

November 23rd 2019


As we do every Christmas, there is a FOOD COLLECTION CAMPAIGN at school, food that will be donated to charities that work with people in need. We try to promote the values of solidarity and care, which are quite necessary these days.

This year's campaign is called "CHARITY TREE". The motto is just an excuse for our school to make that tree grow by means of the "sap" of our contributions, which will go to those who need it most.

As there are more than 1,000 people at school (including students, teachers and non-teaching staff), we intend to get 1,000 kilos of food: ONE TON OF SOLIDARITY.

For this reason, from November 25th to December 17th, each family should collaborate with 1 kilo, litre or bag of non-perishable food (legumes, oil, sugar, cans, milk ...) or also with personal hygiene products.

To promote, at the school main hall we have prepared a mural with a large Tree, which will grow every day with our contributions.

And as in previous years, the winning class will also receive a collective prize.

After the end of the campaign we will donate everything to CÁRITAS and CRUZ ROJA, so that help can reach the families that need it most.

Thanks in advance for your collaboration. You can leave your “SOLIDARITY KILO” at the Janitors’ Room, at the entrance.


November 21st 2019


Erasmus + Project "EUCHI"

(European Cultural Heritage and Identity)


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November 15th 2019

You can download the list with the provisional score for

Erasmus + Project "EUCHI"

(European Cultural Heritage and Identity)

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November 14th  2019

Contribute to the recovery of the coast spaces of Cadiz. 

16th November 2019

Restoration and improvement work: elimination of 1,000 kg of the invasive plant cat's claw (Carpobrotus edulis) and waste cleaning up on the beach.

November 14th 2019


As you know, on November 16th 2010 UNESCO included Flamenco in its Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Since then, the Andalusian Department of Education has adopted some measures (following UNESCO requirements) to integrate this Cultural Heritage into school Curriculum and, among others, published in 2014 some instructions (to be revised every year) so that we can celebrate the International Day of Flamenco at schools.

For that reason, in our school main hall we will have this month an exhibition about painter and poet Francisco Moreno Galván (1925-1999), from Puebla de Cazalla (Seville). 

Click on the image to see exhibition. 

November 14th 2019

Have you seen Biology exhibition about Animal Cell & DNA yet?


Don't miss it!!! It's QUITE INFORMATIVE!

November 4th 2019 


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30 de Octubre de 2019

You can now download the list of selected students for the exchange activity with  "Lycée Benjamin Franklin" in Auray, France.

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October 28th 2019

October 21st 2019


Open Call to take part in ...



  EUROPEAN CULTURAL HERITAGE AND IDENTITY -Sharing and Cherishing Cultural Heritage as a Way of Learning Democratic Values and Strengthening European Social Links and Identity through film making.”


“PATRIMONIO CULTURAL EUROPEO E IDENTIDAD: Compartiendo y apreciando el Patrimonio Cultural como vía para aprender valores democráticos y fortalecer lazos sociales e identidad a nivel europeo a través de la realización de audiovisuales.

Download the information letter and application form.

Application Form. Deadline: October 24th.
Proyecto ERASMUS+. Solicitud de Particip
Documento Adobe Acrobat 75.5 KB
ERASMUS+ PROJECT. Information and scoring criteria.
Proyecto ERASMUS+. Carta Informativa y C
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