YEAR 2021/2022

Our educational system has the aim, among other, of teaching respect to the fundamental rights and freedom and the promotion of tolerance as part of the democratic principles of coesxistence, as well as fostering peace, cooperation and solidarity  among peoples.

In our programme, we take into cosideration interesting proposals to fully develop such capacities, integrating the values of respect, solidarity, peace, coesxistence, equality and tolerance. 

Among the specific actions for the treatment of Values Education, we can find ephemerides  which complement the direct action in class. 


November 16th

International Day for Tolerance 


Working with students to improve coexistence at School.


Making posters with rules or suggestions and place them on corridors walls.

Students' Posters to promote Tolerance and Coexistence at School.

November 25th

International Day to Eliminate Violence against Women.


Looking for pictures about good and bad attitudes towards sexist violence.

Tree of Absence and Wishes (Peace Day)


Making a mural of a tree with names of women. Each class will place flowers/leaves and write their manifesto.

"Contest: picture/poster against sexist violence".

ESO and Bachillerato.

December 3rd

Day of People with Disabilities




December 10th

Day of Human Rights




December 20th

International Day of Solidarity


Choose a person with disabilities.



Explaining choice in class.  



Advent Calendar


Collecting second-hand clothes, toys, books... and prepare presents.


Help needy people in the neighbourhood with food.


Food collection campaign. 

Polvorón Race.