YEAR 2023/2024

April 5th 2024

Congratulations Javier Román!

U14 Champion 

Interschools Chess Tournament

Jaque a la Primavera! 

We've seen that eventually he's wearing his 👕 properly 😉)

And we have finished the second round of the

Chess Tournament aulaDjaque!

YEAR 2022/2023

This year we resume the Project aulaDjaque, which has had a good reception among students, so we will propose many activities related to Chess: weekly challenges, tournaments, recycling, etc

The educational use of chess helps students develop their cognitive and social skills, and its practice favours, among others, memory, concentration, decision-making, reflection, spatial vision or matehmatical-logical reasoning.

With a history of more than 1,500 years, chess is much more than a game and develops a critical spirit by means of analysis, reflection and the exchange of opinions or views.

You dare to play?

May 22nd 2023

And don't forget to visit our blog, where you'll be able to take solve challenges, comments in the chat and learn many more things about this millenary game.

November 24th 2021

Last November 19th we celebrated the World School Chess Day and for that reason, our Language Assistants have prepared some activities in English to be worked in class this week.

Here you are some moments of the sessions.

November 14th 2021