YEAR 2019/2020

April 3rd 2020

Thanks to MAKERS ANDALUCIA movement, we have received lots of material to make more Face Shields: filament, acetates y elastic. 

April 2nd 2020

Latest news about SELECTIVIDAD EXAMS

April 2nd 2020


Classes go on... as well as Extra-curricular activities (from home)

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April 2nd 2020

Today is the "World Autism Awareness Day"

And all of us can make our part so that people with Autistic Spectrum Disorders feel better. Follow these 5 steps!!

link to Step 1:

Link to Step 5:

April 1st 2020

Second Term marks can be seen in iPASEN

on Friday 3rd April.

iPASEN tutorial and AUTOLOGIN can be downloaded from this website . Should you have any doubt or problem with iPasen, you can contact us at 

 April 1st 2020

We are really proud of our teachers Dani, Fernando and Jesús, who have made over 180 face shields with 3D printers. These you can see below were donated to AFANAS charity.

March 26th 2020

Pre-university Exams (Selectividad-EBAU)

March 26th 2020

Admission Deadline

March 25th 2020

How are you doing?

These days, we are facing a new and shocking situation. 

It's weird to wake up in the morning and knowing you can't get out of home; you can't go to your grandparents' or you can't buy those important things  ("Mum, I really need it!") to slip away for a while; you can't hang out with your friends in the park or meet them for a videoconsole game...

Some of you may have parents who CAN'T STAY AT HOME: special people in charge of keeping everything working for us. We owe them!!

These days are quite difficult for everyone.

It would be an excellent idea if you shared how you feel, as we sometimes think we are the only worried ones (including students, families, teachers...)

You can email us and your comments will be published on a section of our web. (You can do it anonymously too). 

Because we are also a Community for such things...



proposed by Counselling Department. 

(For those moments in which we don't know what to do...)

Playing with Family
Documento Adobe Acrobat 380.7 KB

March 23rd 2020


Following Instructions of March 13th by the Education and Sports Administration referred to the suspension of face-to-face teaching activity:

 “In case the period of suspension coincides with the dates established by School to inform families and students about their academic results, the necessary means will be taken so as to send them such information“

As well as Junta de Andalucía communication on March 19th:

“Schools, within the limits of their autonomy, will be able to decide the dates for the Evaluation Sessions for the Second Term, as well as the moment and way to communicate results to families”.

IES "Fernando Savater" has decided that there will be Evaluation Sessions in this Second Term and result will be sent to families via iPASEN.

More than ever, we insist that report cards are merely INFORMATIVE

For the final evaluation, teachers will take into account all exams and work previous to Quarantine period and those activities carried out online. 

Results will be available via iPASEN on Friday 3rd of April

You can download iPASEN and AUTOLOGIN tutorials in case you need any help. If you have any doubts with iPasen, you may contatc us at 

(Please, state student's name and class)

iPasen. Auto Login : how to get a Username and Password.
Pasen para madres-padres. Autologin.pdf
Documento Adobe Acrobat 511.4 KB
Short guide to access and know iPasen.
Pasen para madres-padres. Guia Rápìda.pd
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March 19th 2020

Press Release about Pre-University Exams

postponement (EBAU-Selectividad)

March 15th 2020


Application Forms

(Students from CEIP "Blas Infante" and CEIP "Montealegre" are not required

to apply for admission, neither do students already attending our school

As you know, the Admission procedure has been cancelled as long as the State of Alarm is activated.

Education Administration has enabled a new way of accessing through the Virtual Secretary platform, in which applicants will not need any Digital Certificate or PIN Key to apply for admission:

Here you can see a video explaining the process:

Thanks to Teacher  Mallo from CEIP  "A.R. Almodóvar" in Salteras (Seville)

March 15th 2020

And more recommendations sent by our Counsellors (for students, families and specifically for 2º Bachillerato students):

March 15th 2020

Pieces of advice sent to some students in 1º and 3º, but...


March 15th 2020


Urgent announcement about new measures 

taken because of the coronavirus COVID-19

March 14th 2020

The state of emergency declared by the Government extends the confinement measures so as to prevent the spread of  COVID-19.

Waiting for further instructions, we communicate that



for the next fifteen days, a period that may be extended

depending on the health alert evolution.



Admission forms for next year (2020/2021) can be registered

electronically by means of the Virtual Secretary Web:

In case you are not able to do it, you can download the form, fill it in and once it is signed, you can send a scanned image, together with an ID copy (father / mother / tutor registering it) and a photocopy of the complete Family Book to this email address:

Please, do not forget to check all boxes are ticked correctly and all family memebers over 16 have signed the AEAT authorisation. You will be sent an email to confirm your application has been received. 

We recommend all students and families to stay at home and to strictly follow the recommendations made by Health Authorities.

Closing schools is intended to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Relevant French women in History                         March 11th 2020

March 11th 2020

Having a great time in the snow with 3º ESO

March 6th 2020


A journey to Prehistory

with 1º ESO students

March 3rd 2020

Parents-Tutors meeting

 4º ESO


Monday March 9th

at the Events Room


4ºA, 4ºB and 4ºC 


4ºD, 4ºE and 4ºF


Please, don't forget to bring the Counselling Booklet.

You can also download it from this page below.

STRIKE ANNOUNCEMENT                              March 3rd 2020

ADMISSION                                                     March 3rd 2020

Annex III. Admission Form. (Pre-school to Bachillerato)
ANEXO III. Solicitud de admisión en segu
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February 27th 2020

With workshops, sports, exhibitions, performances, games...

and the "Polvorón Race"

(Click to see all activities)

Thanks to our School Community for their involvement and participation! 

February 19th 2020



Cuaderno Orientacion 2020.pdf
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February 17 th 2020



to our alumnus


because of his


in Athletics

(2,06 m. in High Jump!!) 

February 11th 2020


First Savater

Alumni Meeting


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February 7th 2020

Because we all love being given some flowers...

Now... It's time!!

1 Carnation: 1 €

Until February 12th,

at the School's main hall and during break time

  To be delivered on February 14th.

your classmate, your student, your teacher... 

they are worth it!!!  

February 7th 2020


Around Cadiz with

4th ESO students

January 19th - February 14th 2020

Organised by Spanish Department.

As you know, your letter may be dedicated to that person you love a lot... Or even to your pet!

Participation is also possible for 6th grade students from CEIP "Blas Infante" Primary School.

Click on the image for more information

Deadline: 14th February

Rules for the 10th edition of Love Letters Contest.
Documento Adobe Acrobat 115.7 KB

January 19th - 26th 2020


Images of the Activities in Romania

January 25th 2020


Savater people in the Opera

January 23rd 2020

1st Bachillerato Science students visit to

The Royal Navy Observatory


The Pantheon of Distinguished Sailors

in San Fernando

January 22nd 2020

What is my Degree for next year?

A visit to UCA with 2nd Bachillerato students. 

January 18th 2020


A walk around Madrid with 2nd Bachillerato