April 10th 2022

Our Euchi Erasmus+K2 Projects participants just came from their visit to Italy, where they went with Víctor and Cristina.

A very intense week with visits to Florence, Siena and Arezzo. The architecture and art left them impressed 😍

(As well as ice creams🍦 )

Thanks to Víctor for the pictures.


Saying Bye-bye

This is the photo of the farewell dinner!

(but just Greek and Spanish Teams😥)


Ponte Vecchio (with its jewellers'), Santa Croce Church, Dante's Monument, Palazzo Pitti, Palazzo Rucellai, Piazza della Signoria, Santa Maria Novella Church, Il Duomo, Palazzo Vecchio, Museo degli Uffizi, Palazzo Medici-Ricardi, Galleria della Accademia...


Il Duomo, the Opera Metropolitana del Duomo Museum, the Gaia Fountain, Piazza del Campo (which is the main square in the City Centre, one of the best medieval squares in Europe).

The Palazzo Pubblico and the Mangia Tower (nowadays, the City Hall), together with some other noble palaces, surround the square , with a fan shape divided into 9 sections starting from the main drain opposite the Palazzo Pubblico.

Piazza del Campo is famous for a horse race (Palio di Siena) in which the different districts compete against each other and it is held form July 2nd to August 16th.

Walking in Cortona


Romanesque Church of Santa Maria Assumpta, Cathedral, Museum of Image...

Hotel in Arezzo!

Life is tough...

November 26th 2021

Day 5

November 25th 2021

Day 4

November 24th 2021

Day 3

November 23rd 2021

Day 2

November 22nd 2021

Day 1



Erasmus EUCHI. Mobility Jerez Nov 21.pdf
Documento Adobe Acrobat 244.7 KB

Selection of 4º ESO Students to participate in 

Erasmus+ Project"EUCHI"

October 22nd 2021


October 28th 2021

at Head of Studies's Room

Apllication Form to take part in Erasmus+ Project "EUCHI"
CONVOCATORIA para su participación en la
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March 12th 2020

The Erasmus Team taking part in the exchange with Romania from January 19th to 26th shared their experience with their classmates.

On Wednesday and Thursday morning they presented a PowerPoint with the activities they carried out, explaining different aspects of Romanian culture and lifestyle.

January 26th 2020

Back to Spain!!

January 25th 2020

Saying bye to partners and visiting Bucharest

January 24th 2020

Our last day in Costesti...

January 23rd 2020

Costesti Town Hall and local garage

January 22nd 2020

Roman ruins, Mateias Mausoleum and Arges

21 de Enero de 2020

Museums and Pistesti