YEAR 2022/2023

March 31st 2023

In the run-up to the Holy Week, 4º B Religion students visited Coronación and Santa Marta Brotherhoods last March 28th.

And March 30th was the turn for 1ºC and D Religion students, who went  to Desamparados Chapel, San Lucas Church and Carmen Basilica.


March 31st 2023

3º ESO and SENs students went to know about our city Artistic Heritage, as a part of the Art Curriculum basic competences.

The aim was to make them feel that heritage belongs to them, in spite of the fact that time and citizens' forgetfulness make it somehow old-fashioned and discarded.

It's up to them that Jerez artistic sites are well preserved... we hope they love and learn how to care for them. 🙄

March 31st 2023

I'm completely exposed with this 👕🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️!!!

Back and front!

As 3ºESO Biology and Geology students

have made a great work.

Haven't they?

March 31st 2023

Stain glass, mosaics and drawings ...

Made by our artists in 2º, 3º and 4º ESO.

March 29th 2023


Watch your step! 🍌🍌🍌🍌


March 28th 2023


March 28th 2023

Writing first appeared in  Mesopotamia; that's why historians say that History begins in Sumer (a southern region of Mesopotamia). 

Sumerians lived in city-states with their own rules and kings, as well as their own buildings: palaces, walls, irrigation systems...  But the most outstanding thing in Sumerian cities was the temple or ziggurat. 

A ziggurat was a stepped pyramid on which the city-state main divinity temple was built. Some of the most important ones were Ur or Choga Zanbil.

1º ESO A, B and C students have learnt about Sumerian city-states construction, society, economy and laws... and have also become Sumerian architects for a while!

March 17th 2023

Photographs Exhibition from the

Geography and History Department  

Old times Pictures Archive

These pictures are copies from the ones belonging to relatives of Savater former students, who generously gave them to us as a historic memory proof of a Jerez city that doen not esxist any more. Pictures somehow showing flamenco and wine industry have been chosen.

(An exhibition set up by 4º C)

March 11th 2023

Last 8th, 9th and 10th of March, 3º ESO students went to a skiing trip to Sierra Nevada !

After a 2-year break due to the pandemic, 3ºESO students could eventually enjoy this traditional trip with PE Department: Skiing for Beginnersin the unparalleled scenery of Sierra Nevada. 

March 9th 2023

Imagine that Zeus, Hermes, Atenea... lived at present day with Social Networks. How would they interact🤔 with their followers? 1º ESO students were wodering something like that... and here's the result 😂.

February 25th 2023 

Tree Adventures with 2º ESO

On the tree branches, with ziplines, on a flying car, crossing suspended bridges, walking on trunks... Last February 23rd was an unforgettable day for 2º ESO students. They mostly asked: why can't we do this every single week? 😂

Thanks to Marco F. for the pictures and videos

February 25th 2023 

Test your Observation Skills 1️⃣⚪🔳➗ and PARTICIPATE!

The Contest Poster is next to
Maths Department.

You have to spot in the poster the 21 elements related to Maths appearing on the contest list. (The Maths Department has been generous: there are more than 50!)

You can see the instructions for the contest with the QR code at the bottom of the poster.


Get it done and learn curiosities about Maths!
Besides, you may get the board game BIG MONEY by Ravensburger😀 

February 25th 2023

What and where is Asta Regia?

🏛 🗺

All this and more was taught to Latin students in 4º ESO and 1º Bachillerato who last Tuesday attended a lecture about "Asta Regia" by D. José Ruiz Mata, a writer and literary critic who is also a member of "Plataforma Asta Regia", whose main aim is to revive this site and safeguard its heritage.

25 de Febrero de 2023

Our Savater Cupids delivered (anonymous) Saint Valentine ❤❤❤ to their recipients in the campaign

1 ❤ = 1 €   

And you know that those lucky 2º Bachillerato students (and teachers) who were in Madrid got them too 😍

February 21st 2023

1º A Students made a tour of the religious historical heritage of our city yesterday.

They visited the churches of San Mateo, San Marcos, San Lucas and La Merced; in San Mateo, they had a guide who gave them a description about its architecture, sculptures...  He also explained the church location and its significance for the city.

For your information, San Mateo is home to Desconsuelo Brotherhood, also known as “Los Judíos de San Mateo”, whose Virgin received the City Golden Medal on its third centenary.

(Translated by Ángela C.R., 4ºB)

February 19th 2023 

1º Z students visited the CNA (National Accelerators Centre) in Seville last Friday 17th.

"The CNA is located in the Cartuja PCT, using the former facilities of Expo 92, and it is a SIngular Scientific-Technical Facility, ICTS, devoted to interdisciplinary research and open to external users as well. 

They use 6 different facilities and the purposes of such venues cover fields as varied as Materials Science, Environmental Impact, Nuclear and Particles Physics, Nuclear Instrumentation, Medical Image Treatment, Biomedical Research, Preclinical Molecular Image or Dating and Diagnosis through Medical Image in patients, Carbon 14 dating, and Irradiation in samples of great biological and technological interest, among others."

After that, they wento for a walk  🚶‍♂️🚶‍♀️in Seville 😄

(Translated by Ángela O., Francisco R. and Pedro R, 4ºB)

17 de Febrero de 2023

Walking Madrid with 2º Bachillerato

A cultural visit to Madrid with 2º Bachillerato students on the 13th, 14th and 15th of Febrero. 

There was time for Prado Museum, the Congress, Archaelogical Museum, Plaza Mayor, Royal Palace... and to give them St Valentine's ❤❤❤!

February 15th 2023



   First in the year!👏 

February 04th 2023 

Last February 01st, 1º ESO students

visited Río Tinto mines.

A trip that gave them the opportunity to know the oldest mines in the world, as well as the evolution of some mining techniques from prehistoric times to present day.

In the Mining Museum, located in the old hospital building of Río Tinto Company Ltd., they could go insde a Roman mine, know the geological secrets of the subsoil and they could understand why the mining activity is able to modify a territory and its inhabitants.

The walk through Peña de Hierro Mine taught them how the works in the deposit were since the beginning (it was already exploited by the Romans) and its evolution until its closure in 1970. This deposit started to be exploited as an open-pit mine in the middle of the 19th century with the so-called «cortas», which let them get a higher level of extraction and have shaped the present landscape of the zone, with the huge drillings carried out. We have to highlight that Peña Copper Mines Company Ltd., owner of the mine, would stand out in its time with better industrial welfare, that led its workers to syndicate. It was clearly different from the Río Tinto Company Ltd., that still had conflict relations with workers and also took reprisals when strikes and protests occurred.

When they travelled on the Mine Train, whose line was built between 1873 and 1875 by the British Río Tinto Company Ltd. (trying to move the minerals that were extracted from its deposits in the mining basin of Riotinto-Nerva and the sea) our students went through the former areas of minerals transformation, railway facilities and they could also see the incredible landscape around the railway line.

And last but not least, the visit to the  English neighbourhood of Bellavista, an authentic enclosed colony where the executive group of Río Tinto Company Ltd. used to live, isolated from the local population, keeping a completely British lifestyle, with their traditional tea time, and its leasure and sport activities like bridge, tennis, polo... and football, a sport that was introduced in our country, unknown until then.

(Translated by Marco F.R. y Marcos J.F., 4ºB)

January 30th 2023 

Last Thursday 26th, our 1º Bachillerato students went "plogging".

While hiking from La Canaleja track towards "Las Aguilillas" Park, students collected the trash accumulated in ditches and the road hard shoulders. They filled up 30 bags, each one with 100 litres of waste, household items and other stuff which were thrown away to the bins at the end of the activity.



And thanks for the review:

(Translated by Antonio S.R., 4ºA)

January 20th 2023

4º A, 4º B and 4º D students went to Cadiz last January 18th se desplazaron el 18 de enero a Cádiz to attend a performance  at San Felipe Neri School: the play obra "Historia de una escalera" by playwright Buero Vallejo.

After the performance, they had a conversation with the actors, in which they could ask any doubts about the play and their profession. And once the activity was finished, they walked through the historical city centre to see the main landmarks, though 🌬🌪 didn't let them walk along the promenade😔 

(Translated by Ángela OdL.Q., 4ºB)

January 18th 2023

A visit to Cadiz Province Library 

(with the Reading Club, SEN students

and Universal Literature students)

Thanks to Gema for the visit.

And to B.C. and I.C. for their pictures.