YEAR 2021/2022

December 12th 2021

Congratulations to Kiko, 1º C, as his team has been porque su equipo has been the runner-up in Andalusia Futsal Championship (Junior).

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November 28th 2021

Jesús J. Jiménez Cabral won the First Prize in the "XIV Painting Contest Eduardo Ruiz-Gollury" in El Puerto.

We are so proud you are one of our teachers!

November 24th 201

CONGRATULATIONS to students  Míriam Fernández Hurtado and Saúl Chacón Barranco,

1º Z, on the medals they won at XV Spain Nihon Tai Jitsu Championship.

In pairs:

2nd place in Randori

3rd place in Kata in Pairs

3rd place in Tachnical Expression

Besides, Míriam got 1st place in individual  Kata and 3rd place in Goshin Shobu.

Information about Gaduation Events: 4º ESO and 2º Bachillerato

November 2nd 2021

Selected to participate in STEAM Project

"Robotics Applied to Classroom"

YEAR 2020/2021

June 20th 2021

Congratulations to Juan Manuel Villalba del Río,

our student in 1º Bachillerato, for his Third Place in the 

Portavoz Photography Contest.

February 17 th 2020



to our alumnus


because of his


in Athletics

(2.06 m. in High Jump!!) 

September 9th 2019

Although the school year has not officially started, congratulations to Laura Ojosnegros Bueno (3º ESO), for her Third Place in the "5th Junior Venencia Contest" (11 to 13 year-old category), held in Claustros de Santo Domingo as part of the activities in Fiestas de la Vendimia.  


Laura, we count on you to show us your abilities!