YEAR 2023/2024

27 de Diciembre de 2023

Interpreting Las Meninas


by 4º D and 4º E

December 27th 2023

ARTISTS: first sketches

1ºESO students have worked this term some drawings to show their creativity. Who knows? Maybe some of them will have a bright artistic future ahead!😉

December 27th 2023

Here we can see some personal visions of still life, by our 3ºESO students.

December 15th 2023

Pestiños workshop  😊

with our SEN students at IES "Álvar Núñez". They also greeted former teacher Sebastián M., who moved from Savater last year 😥.

The workshop result: delicious🤤 !

December 1st 2023

2ºBachillerato students visited

Constitutional Cádiz last November 29th.

A walk around the Cadiz buildings and monuments directly related to the First Spanish Constitution (la Pepa), which was declared on March 19th 1812 (but was valid for barely two years).

The Courts Museum and San Felipe Neri Oratory are two of the most representative landmarks, since they hosted the Courts that elaborated and passed the new laws for that Constitution.

On their walls, we can see some plaques that make reference to the promulgation of this Contsitution and, in the building next to the Oratory, there is a Constitution Interpretation Centre. 

December 1st 2023

2ºA and 2ºB students visited the Alcázar of Jerez and Villavicencio Palace last November 23rd 

A quite interesting visit since the Alcázar of Jerez is one of the most outstanding landmarks of the city and the oldest, with an astonishing beauty.

It was built by the Almohad between the 12th and 13th centuries, at the same time that the city walls, what gives us an idea of how important Jerez was during the long muslim domination period.

The fortified building has an irregular square shape with four gates, one on each side, leading to the paths towards the main cities around Jerez. The perimeter of this fortified building is three kilometres and the Alcazar raises in the most southern part, the highest point from which anoyne could command every part of the city.

The Alcázar had a defensive and military function, but it was also a residential place. In the 7th century they built the Oil Mill and the Villavicencio Palace, a Baroque palace which was built as a residence over the remains of the former Muslim palace. It is very well preserved and constitutes a revealing place to walk through the history of Jerez from its Muslim to its Chrsitian heritage: towers, a mosque, Arab baths, battlemented walls, curved gates, evoking horseshoe archs, a beautiful inner ward and many gardens to walk among orange trees, with the sound of relaxing fountains.

Besides, our students could see the watercolour paintings that were exhibited in the Mill Room of the Alcazar to celebrate Lola Flores' Centenary!

November 29th 2023


Our 3ºE students visited Holcim Cement Factory yesterday


They had a conference about sustainability, especially about the impact of mining on nature and the current projects to restore such spaces according to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) in the 2030 Agenda, as well as the features of the native species of the area. After that, they walked through the quarries and enjoyed an ecologic breakfast.

At the end of the visit, they had two guided activities: an escape room and a group activity about the main features of habitats and the impact on them.  

November 29th 2023

We follow the progress of still life in this exhibition of 3º ESO students.

November 27th 2023

4° ESO A and B Biology students have carried out these activities to study the stages of the cell cycle, representing the different stages that our cells go through, since the moment they are born until the one when they divide and form two new cells.

Some of our students made illustrative models, using plasticine, cardboard, EVA foam and other materials... 

...and others designed original “draw my life” videos:

November 27th 2023

1º A and 1º C  Religion students visited San Mateo Church last November 20th; they hired a guide, who described the building architecture, sculptures and history. He also explained the church locationa and its importance for the city.

San Mateo Church hosts El Desconsuelo Brotherhood, also known as “Los Judíos de San Mateo”, whose virgin got the Gold Medal in her third centenary.

November 27th 2023

On November 22nd we celebrate Santa Cecilia , Patron Saint of musicians.

In the school Main Hall we have placed a big board where you can write your favourite song. The idea is to make a playlist so that everyone can enjoy during break time, since you know



November 17th 2023

On November 16th we celebrate the International Flamenco Day, commemorating the day in which Flamenco was declared Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2010 in Nairobi (Kenya).

To celebrate this day, 1º ESO students have enjoyed some of their classmates' performance as, in Flamenco, dance and music are useful tools to promote communication and the identification of emotions.

Flamenco also transmits that explosion of feelings related to universal categories such as love, heartbreak, death, orphanhood, loneliness, friendship or regret that can be understood by many of us, including the person that is dancing or singing and the person that is watching or listening.

Thanks to Amanda, Luna and Triana for 💃💃💃, to Irene for 👏

and to Pablo and Miguel Ángel for 🎤

And to everyone that collaborated in this successfull show 😊

Our 1º ESO students also posed in our Flamenco Day photocall!

Some alumni that were here also posed for a picture 😄...

November 17th 2023

San Alberto Magno, celebrated on November 15th, is the Patron Saint of Science and Chemistry students.

Alberto's knowledge of natural science was considerably and notoriously precise for his time. His books about botany, zoology and minerals included information from ancient sources, but also the results of his empirical research.

These investigations spurred some of the special science branches, beyond the classical texts, such as embryology. He also made a systematic study of minerals.

Due to the width of his achievements, he was appointed Doctor Universalis.

That is why this is a glorious day for chemists and most of scientists. And the Physics and Chemistry Depatment has organised an experiment show for 1ºESO students. We played with pressure, magnets 🧲 and the state of plasma, on the Physics side.

On the Chemistry side 🔬⚗ students had fun with the blue bottle, the magical wine 🍷 and the best explosion🎆🎇!!

November 17th 2023

World Diabetes Day (WDD) was created in 1991 by the World Health Organisation and the International Diabetes Federation and it became official for the United Nations in 2006 after passing the UN Resolution 61/225. It is held every year on November 14th, after the birth anniversary of Sir Frederick Banting, who discovered insulin together with Charles Best in 1922.

We have organised an exhibition at our school to raise awareness about this illness affecting some of our students as well as to highlight the opportunities available to prevent, diagnose and treat the illness, as every year the number of cases is increasing.

This day is a further step to contribute to the Good Health and Well-being Objective of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which claims that a healthy life for all at all ages should be guaranteed.

November 17th 2023


Cooper Test

Our Bachillerato students went to Chapin sports facilities last November 10th to carry out the Cooper Test (and some other activities)... and all of them came back safe and sound, though a little bit tired. (Cooper Test is an endurance test based on running the longest distance in 12 minutes at a constant speed). 

November 17th 2023

Do you know Lab's Rules?

2º ESO students remind you of them in this exhibition in the Main Hall.

November 17th 2023

1º de ESO students have shown their skill as still life drawers in the Initial Assessment of Arts subject. 

Here you can see the results:

November 17th 2023

River Guadalete and surroundings.

Walking along the river with 3º A, B, C and E students last November 7th

First Aid Workshop  🩺💉

with 1º Bachillerato students last October 20th

Did you know that for the cardiopulmonary resuscitation it is important to keep a constant rhythm? This will guarantee that the person receiving the CPR is having the most efficient treatment. A song with 100 beats per minute is the ideal rhythm for CPR.

Guess what is the song🎼which is mostly used to keep the rhythm 🎵🎶... 

1º B students also carried out the First Aid Workshop

(in their classroom).

Here you can see we are in good hands!  

November 7th 2023

1º ESO students have been working about the atmosphere and the Greenhouse Effect in Biology class. 

This refers to the phenomenon by which some gases in the atmosphere, mainly Carbon Dioxide and water vapour, retain most of the heat that the Earth sends back to space, causing an average planet temperature of 15ºC. Besides, the progressive accumulation of greenhouse gases, due to pollution, creates a greater retention of heat, causing the well-known global warming.

What do you do to stop this climatic change?

 Halloween Contests Winners:

          1º and 2º ESO:                                                              3º and 4º ESO

Julia P., 1ºD                                                                Andrés P., 3ºC

Héctor P., 1ºD                                                             Kyle P., 4ºE 

Paula M., 2ºE