Our School consists of two buildings, an open sports court and a big yard for break time.

The main building has three floors.

On the ground floor, you can find the Janitors’ Room, the Cafeteria, the Events Room, toilets, Teachers’ Room, Head of Studies’ Room, Headmaster’s Room, Counsellor’s Room, Secretary Room, Teachers’ Departments, Library, Copy shop, Archives, Parents’ Association Room and rooms aimed at storing materials and tools.

On the first and second floors, there are lots of classrooms for ESO and Bachillerato, as well as a Laboratory, an ICT Workshop, a Computers Room, an Arts Room, two rooms for students with Special Educational Needs and some extra classrooms for smaller groups.

The second building is intended for Physical Education. It includes a covered gymnasium, a store, a teachers’ room, changing rooms and toilets with showers.