March 9th 2020

TRINITY Written Exam


Written Exam is coming soon (April 1st!!), so all candidates should take into account these instructions:

January 8th 2020

Trinity Exams Registration Form.
Deadline: 8th to 24th January (non-extendable) at Secretary Room.
TRINITY 2020. Recibí Matrícula.pdf
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Website Publishing Parents' Authorisation.
Autorización. Examen Trinity. Ley de Pro
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November 26th 2019

Information about TRINITY: prices, exam dates, etc....

Here you can download the PDF version with all the information          


Information TRINITY 2020
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September 25th 2019





Dear School Community at IES Fernando Savater,


From the Department of English we are pleased to invite you to know our preparing programme for official exams of Trinity College London, aimed at students, alumni and teachers of our school to certify their level of English.


For more than seven years, this Department has been involved in preparing candidates for these official exams, with quite satisfactory results among our students, taking into account the scarce resources available and thanks to the enormous effort of the preparatory teachers, the different coordinators that we have had and the rest of the school staff. So far, the level of B1 (ISE I for Trinity) has been prepared in Optional Subject in 3rd (initiation) and in ordinary class in 4th, B2 (ISE II) in Optional Subject of 1st Bachillerato and even of C1 (ISE III) in Ordinary class of 2nd Bachillerato. In addition, when possible, we have had the help of the Conversation Assistants for the practice of oral skills.


These exams, which are carried out on two days of different weeks, consist of a written test (2 hours long) and an oral test (20 minutes long), which assess each of the Four Basic Skills when learning a foreign language. Of course, Trinity exams have international approval, being one of the two entities recognized by all universities in Spain and most countries. In fact, our former students have been validating university credits with their ISE Trinity degrees for many years.


Like every year, we will release the information for those students in 4th ESO and 1st or 2nd Bachillerato who wish to register for official tests, information they will receive from their trainers. Likewise, a preliminary survey of interested candidates will be carried out in order to organize a meeting and inform families first hand.


Thank you for trust us, cheer up and good luck with the tests!!



English Department

General Recognition of Trinity College London Certificates

TCL Spain - Reconocimiento de Certificac
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Other Entities' Recognition of Trinity College London Certificates

Certificates Recognition by ALTE
Reconocimiento de certificaciones por AL
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Certificates Recognition by ACLES
Reconocimiento de certificaciones por AC
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Certificates Recognition by SPANISH UNIVERSITIES
Reconocimiento de certificaciones por Un
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