YEAR 2020/2021

June 28th 2021

A group of students made this mural.

"We made it as June 28th is the International LGTBIQ+ Day. We selected some representative flags (no space for all of them!) and, although they represent a different meaning, all people are equal, whether we like boys, girls or both, we change gender or we feel binary people.

We all deserve the same respect as eventually we are all the same. We also added some pictures of celebrities who belong to the LGTBIQ+ community and we see on TV. 

And we included Federico García Lorca, who was murdered for being homosexual". 

(Lucía B.R.)

June 24th 2021

Our 2º PMAR students, along with their teacher Yolanda Félix,  carried out a research into our school classrooms air circulation. They presented the results to the Management Team and also 1º ESO students.

The final conclusions were:

  • In order to get a good quality of air at school, all classrooms windows and doors must be kept open.
  • The wind direction and speed has an influence on air circulation, although most of our classrooms do well with it regardless wind.
  • 2ºA classroom just gets a good air circulation with East wind blowing, so an HEPA filter is a must here.
  • Classroom 220 shows how important cross-ventilation is, so an HEPA filter is also recommendable here.

You can see some pictures about the research and presentation.

June 20th 2021

We have already finished it!!

A project which started in 2019 with some 2º ESO students and the Physics & Chemistry and Art Departments and has been retaken this year by  2ºPMAR students and their teacher Yolanda F., so as to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the creation of the Periodic Table.

When in 1869 Dmitri Mendeléiev ordered the chemical elements on a table that took into account their physical properties,

Chemistry changed forever!

The first steps last year...

(though there was a 'technical issue')

Junio 20th 2021

2ºC students have worked on film Campeones with their teacher Margarita (Ethic Values), to celebrate the Integration and Visibility Week. They made this mural to share their conclusions with us.

June 20th 2021

Congratulations to Juan Manuel Villalba del Río,

our student in 1º Bachillerato, for his Third Place in the 

Portavoz Photography Contest.

June 20th 2021

1ºC also went travelling... 

to exotic destinations such as BoraBora, Maui, New Zealand...

Just around the corner is not for them!


11 de Junio de 2021

Travelling around the world with 3º A, B and C.

(Travel plans made by themselves)

10 de Mayo de 2021

Our own Jerez Fair!

To celebrate Jerez Fair -COVID version- our SENs students set up a special 'caseta' at the school entrance hall (click and see loads of visitors...).

Thanks  for the pictures, Macarena and Blanca.

April 16th 2021

Ça te dit de cuisiner?

Some French students from 2ºESO tell us about yummy recipes. Try them:

BON APPÉTIT!                          


April 12th 2021

The almost perfect machine is the human body. 

Don't you believe it? Look at this exhibition by 3ºESO students and check it out!!! 

March 27th 2021

Hominisation process

How humans evolved into homo sapiens (well, some of us just got halfway)

By 1ºB Students  

March 21st 2021

Thanks to Macarena, Carolina, Manuel, Blanca... and all the "socks" that posed and danced for us!!

And SPECIAL THANKS to both Álvaros, Luz, Dani and Pablo, for being among us. 

March 9th 2021

Our tribute to all women who were artists, scientists, writers, musicians, entrepreneurs, visionary... the ones who shared their wisdom, knowldedge, evasion and much more. 

And, above all, the ones who were ignored because of their

feminine condition throughout history.

Because of all that, last year we decided to work with students on the life of those relevant women that have been exceptional in society throughout history. All these projects were later included in a book titled "55 Women that Changed the World", which we have presented this week.

The PDF version has been shared with members of the school community.


As the book says, the idea is to

“...value the role of women throughout history in the different activities involved in society, with a sample of the ones who were outstanding in their jobs though frequently silenced; they were a role for personal development, ahead of their time, revolutionary people...

Women, mothers, sisters, friends...

Let's hear their voices, now and then.”

55 Women that changed the world
55 Mujeres que cambiaron el mundo.pdf
Documento Adobe Acrobat 13.9 MB

Women who left their mark on Science world:

We also celebrated showing their pictures and names on our T-shirts:

Thanks to Luis Carrasquilla for his review, book and exhibition, to Paco García B. for his coordination and video and to all workmates who posed for our PhotoCall and introduced us to their T-shirts' women.

February 28th 2021

Our SENs students have made a very Andalusian mural to celebrate Andalusia Day. They made our corridor look bright and they reminded us of spring!!


February 4th 2021

       Peace Day Photocall

The School Day of Non-violence and Peace, on 30th January, was declared for the first time in 1964. Its main aim is to educate for tolerance, solidarity, harmony, respect to Human Rights, non-violence and peace.
The message carried this day is:
"Universal Love, Non-violence and Peace".
And to achieve peace we have to avoid violence and commit ourselves to peaceful ways in order to solve everyday conflicts.
Students from the Specific Programme, from 1º and 2º ESO have posed for the Peace Photocall to celebrate this day. 2º Bachillerato students gave us a video about how to achieve inner peace.

In collaboration with Esperanza, Margarita, Jose Mª, Lourdes and Mª Paz

December 24th 2020

2ºA and 2ºF sent us some fabulous customised Christmas Cards!

And we want to share them with you all. Thanks a lot, guys!

Enjoy your holidays (but stay safe, OK?)

December 24th 2020

2º A and 2º B

prepared their French Christmas:

Christmas cards, door hangers...

And we love them! / Ce sont adorables!! 

December 24th 2020

Climographs  (by  1ºB students)

Could you tell us the temperature in Auckland or Singapur?