YEAR 2019/2020


December 22nd 2019

Climate Graphs Exhibition, by students in 1D, 1E and 1F

December 5th 2019

Our Solar System, by students from 1C and 1D

December 5th 2019

Our students of 3A, 3E and 3F,  together with their teachers Lupe, Dani and Jose went yesterday to a day trip to 


EL PINSAPAR: a millennial forest.

Because of its uniqueness, the "pinsapo" has become the emblem of this natural park. It belongs to one of the nine species of fir trees that live in the mountains that surround the Mediterranean. Specifically, this is only found in Andalusia in the Serranía de Ronda and the Sierra de Grazalema, where it extends over more than 400 hectares over the Sierra del Pinar. They are usually located on northern slopes, protected from excessive sunstroke and the consequent loss of moisture, which generates a dense and shady forest in which the specimens compete for light, leaving their lower branches without leaves and a small undergrowth, exclusive for a few species.


It was described for science by the Swiss botanist Edmund Boissier, in his work "Botanical Journey through the South of Spain" in 1838. Boissier contacted Pablo Prolongo and Félix Haenseler, two pharmacists from Malaga, very fond of botany, who showed their herbariums. In them, Boissier could see for the first time pinsapo branches and needles, thinking that it could be a new species for science, what he corroborated, later, in his fieldwork. Pinsapo forests were much more widespread millions of years ago, when weather conditions were very different from today. It is, therefore, a vestige of those times, a botanical jewel restricted to a very small distribution area.

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(Images by Lupe, José and Dani)

December 1st 2019

1st  Bachillerato

Cooper Test

Our 1st Bachillerato students moved to Chapin facilities last Thursday to carry out the Coopert Test... and all of them came back safe and sound, but a little bit tired. (The test is an endurance race based on running as much as possible in 12 minutes time with a constant speed). 

November 26th 2019


Against Gender Violence

Yesterday, November 25th, we held the International Day Against Gender Violence. These last two weeks, we have prepared a mural to celebrate this day and make our students aware that WE ARE ALL THE SAME= BOYS AND GIRLS.

And we also listened to the "Rap for Equality"....

Video and pictures offered by  Nieves

November 20th 2019


One more year, last November 14th, the Geography and History Department, with 2nd Bachillerato students, paid a visit to San Felipe Neri Oratorio and History Museum, so as to know first hand the historical places related to the Cortes and Cadiz Constitution of  1812.

The activity was completed with a pleasant walk through the city centre, visiting the historical Apolo Café, meeting place for constitutional deputies, San Antonio Square, where the first National Lottery took place and the Monument to 1812 Constitution in España Square.

Congratulations to our studets for their interest and attitude!!

(Images by  Esperanza V.)

November 14th 2019

November 16th. "FLAMENCO DAY"

Images by Penélope P.

November 14th 2019

Biology Projects made by students in

3rd E  (Animal Cell) and

4th A & C (DNA)

October 29th 2019


HALLOWEEN                     AND OTHERS... 

October 25th 2019

2nd ESO

Students of 2nd ESO B, C, D & E, with teachers Dani, Pedro, Rosa and Irene tok part in the activity "Hiking and canyoning in River Guadalmina", in Benahavís (Málaga);

an exhausting day as they left at 7.30 am and got back after 8 pm. (But still they had a great time!!)

Images by Irene C.,  Rosa M. and PROEMA 

October 21st 2019

Last Wednesday, October 16th, most of our 4th ESO students took part in the Seventh Edition of Cadiz #cardiomaratón061, to celebrate the European Day of Awareness of the Cardiac Arrest.

Here you are some pictures of your school mates.

(Images by Víctor J.)