Admission: Year 2022-2023

For any enquiries about Admission, Consejería has enabled a free

 telephone: 900848000

Form 8.00am to 19.00pm

March 1st 2022

Admission Application Form must be filled in

online at  Virtual Secretary:

Click to open a new form:

(The iANDE key can be found at iPasen-Communications. Otherwise, you should apply for it at the School Centre where the student is registered)

If the School needs to check any information, you will be contacted in order to verify such data or provide the reuired documents. 

Basic Legislation

Decree 21, 17th February 2020
Decreto 21-2020 de 17 de Febrero.pdf
Documento Adobe Acrobat 795.2 KB
Order 20th February
Orden 20 de Febrero de 2020. Procedimien
Documento Adobe Acrobat 1.3 MB
Law-Decree 2nd February
Decreto Ley 2-2021 de 2 de Febrero.pdf
Documento Adobe Acrobat 661.5 KB
Instructions 27th January. Calendar
2022-2023 Resolución BOJA calendario esc
Documento Adobe Acrobat 135.4 KB
Instructions 21st February. Simultaneous Studies
2022-2023 Resolución centros para simult
Documento Adobe Acrobat 101.4 KB
Instructions 18th February. School Influence Areas
2022-2023 Resolución 18 de febrero áreas
Documento Adobe Acrobat 137.0 KB
ESO Street Map. Areas of Influence
Áreas de influencia. Callejero Secundari
Documento Adobe Acrobat 280.0 KB
Bachillerato Street Map. Areas of Influence
Áreas de influencia. Callejero Bachiller
Documento Adobe Acrobat 305.1 KB

General Instructions about Admission
2022-2023 Instrucciones escolarización.p
Documento Adobe Acrobat 327.3 KB

Admission Application Form (Annex III)

ANEXO III - Solicitud admision.pdf
Documento Adobe Acrobat 211.6 KB

For further enquiries:

FAQs on Admission Process
Legislation, Admission, Complaints, Registration...
Escolarización. Preguntas frecuentes.pdf
Documento Adobe Acrobat 289.5 KB