YEAR 2022-2023

We start a ney academic year with more excitement and new ideas to share with Savater people. We know that many of you participate in every activity and we would like, if possible, to meet the requests you made last year.

We start working along with Plans School: a Place for Peace y Healthy Youth to to cover as many aspects as possible.

Gender Equality Plan. Year 2022/2023
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November 25th 2022

November 19th

International Men's Day

International Men's Day has been celebrated on November 19th since 1992, with the aim of focusing on men's health, highlighting the contributions of men to society and promoting gender equality, tolerance and peace. Some organisations, such as World Health Organization, support this initiative, so that it is included in the international agenda.

For this reason, in 2003 the Movember Foundation launched the Movember movement (named after moustache and November), which consists of growing a moustache or using it as a brand image to raise awareness about testicles or prostate cancer, as well as to ensure the mental health of men since they present the highest suicide rates.

International Men's Day also seeks to promote six main objectives that were established in 2009 and that are linked to the Universal Children's Day, held on November 20th.

These objectives are: to promote positive and more normalized male role models, to recognize the contribution of men to society, to focus on male health, to show certain discriminations against men in some areas, to promote equality between men and women, and to create a safer world where full potential can be achieved.

(Translated by Antonio S.M. 4ºA and Fran R.P. 4ºB)