This year we resume the Aldea Programme, a Programme for Environmental Education at School.

It's a tool to develop the students' environmentalist skills, the exchange of experiences, teamwork and the creation of professional networks, facilitating the introduction and development of contents related to climate change, bioclimatization, forest and coastal environment, treatment and reduction of waste, biodiversity preservation or the knowledge of Protected Natural Areas of Andalusia in the School Project.

We will take part in Category B

Environmental Education for Sustainability


We will develop three main courses of action:

• Terral Project (Impact of Climate Change on Natural and Social Environment).

• Eco-Garden (Orchard).

• Recapacicla. Education for Circularity.

The aim is promoting schools as places for sustainable learning and for fostering physical and social transformation, where both teachers and students integrate the principles of ecosocial education in their day-to-day performance.


June 2022


From the Aldea project we'd like you to join us to Agenda 2030 

so as to achieve the 

17 Millenium Develpoment Goals

January 2022

The members of Savater School are committed to caring for the closest environment so that the penguins we adopt can go on with their vital cycle and their habitat is preserved.

Getting to know ANTARCTICA

December 2021


We introduce you to Luzi,

our "aldeana"!

Our peasant is a bit fragile (avoid touching her too much ;D) but 100% ecological and environmentally-friendly.

You can see that below: